The Timeless Icon is reborn

A celebration of Bertone’s automotive legacy

The Bertone GB110 turns a pioneering page in more than a century of Italian automotive history, as Bertone begins a new era as a coachbuilder of limited-edition, ultra high-end sports cars.

Its exquisite design and technical prowess are aligned with a longstanding tradition of Bertone models, each anchored within their time and steeped in emblematic significance.

A rich history of exceptional design

Passion driven performance

The first hypercar fueled by plastic waste

Quintessentially Italian
GB110 GB110

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Exclusive, limited-edition, and akin to a piece of art, a comprehensive series of modifications allow for elevating your Bertone GB110 to suit your unique tastes and identity.

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GB110 GB110

A history that spans over 100 years

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