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Bertone begins a new chapter in his rich history of crafting exceptional and unique cars

A story that spans
100 year

Since 1912, the ingenuity and attention to detail of Bertone's artisanal engineers have made it a cornerstone of automotive history. Now under new ownership, it embodies an excitingly modern vision while still maintaining the values upon which its rich and respected history has been built.

A vision in the making

In 2020, Jean-Franck and Mauro Ricci bought the Bertone brand in order to revive the brand and continue its epic, the approach of these two car enthusiasts is in line with the DNA of Bertone: to revive a legendary Italian brand, placing the creation of a model at the status of a piece of art.

Imeless Vision

Staying true to an artistic heritage

Genuine automobile enthusiasts have ensured the Bertone body design and aesthetic still remains today. By closely guarding the passing down of its expertise, precision and ultra-specific know-how, its standards are synonymous with those upheld in the world's leading luxury ateliers.

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Heritage 2
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Exceptional cars at the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship


artistic excellence

The Italian way

Bertone continues its DNA-driven legacy of showcasing the pinnacle of Italian design and engineering, a unique signature that has played a significant role in its remarkable 110-year journey.

A value-driven DNA

With exquisite craftsmanship at its core, Bertone’s creations are regarded by many as akin to canonical art. By restricting production to limited quantities, it is able to focus its unique savoir-faire on subtle enhancements, signature details and dynamic technological refinement.

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