A Pinnacle of Performance and legendary Craftsmanship

Italy, 15th December 2023 – In a landmark moment for Bertone, the GB110, an embodiment of luxury and engineering excellence, made its debut on the circuit today, exactly one year after its digital world  Premiere. This exclusive event marks a new chapter in the brand’s rich history, reintroducing it as a cornerstone of Bertone in the global market of luxury products.
The GB110, limited to just 33 units, is a masterpiece that embodies an harmonious blend of Italian design, French dedication, and German performance.
This distinctive mix not only exemplifies the brand’s dedication to exclusive craftsmanship but also serves as a tribute to its deep-rooted Italian origins, while embracing a collaborative, pan-European approach to luxury product manufacturing.
The test drive of the GB110 represents a significant milestone for the development of the project. Powertrain successfully met CO2 emission standards and delivered the performance we set to achieve one year ago.

The introduction of the GB110 marks a momentous occasion for BERTONE, celebrating not just the arrival of a new car but also a name set to redefine benchmarks in the luxury market. With the GB110, Bertone positions itself as a leading reference in the global luxury products market.

GB110 – The Essence of Exclusivity and Performance

At the heart of the GB110 lies a 5.0L V10 biturbo engine, a masterpiece of power delivering an exceptional experience. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds and marks the 300 km/h in less than 13 seconds. Its speed will be electronically limited to 350 km/h.
The GB110’s design is a harmonious blend of classic elegance and aggressive character, not forgetting the functions of its design, its sleek lines, not only make a bold visual statement but also enhance its aerodynamic efficiency.
Despite its track-focused performance, the GB110 is fully road-legal, providing a smooth transition from racetrack to road. This versatility embodies the brand’s commitment to delivering extraordinary products that excel in any setting.

«On this historic day for BERTONE, the track experience was nothing short of extraordinary. The sensations on the circuit were truly remarkable, from the car’s impeccable handling around corners to the powerful response of the powertrain. Beyond its stunning aesthetics, it embodies the summit of meticulous work and commitment to excellence from every member of the team » Benjamin Ricci, GT3 & GT4 former pilot says.

Technical specifications:

5.0L V10 twin-turbo
Dual-clutch automatic transmission

Length (mm) : 4535
Height (mm) : 1150
Width front/rear (mm) : 1957/1990
Wheelbase (mm) : 2635

Power: 1124 HP at 8170 rpm
Max. Torque: 1100Nm at 6650 rpm
0-100 km/h (s) : 2.8
0-200 km/h (s) : 6.3
0-300 km/h (s) : 12.9
Max speed: 350km/h (electronically limited)
Weight-to-Power ratio kg/CV: 1,28

For further information:

Additional information is available upon request through the form on the official GB110 landing page. Starting now, interested collectors, dealers, and enthusiasts looking to acquire one of the 33 automotive sculptures are invited to customize their own GB110, embarking on a personalized and emotional journey.