December 13 th , 2022 – Bertone, one of the most universally recognized Italian successes in automotive history, is officially coming back for its 110th anniversary, unveiling its first limited-edition hypercar.

The online premiere will take place on Wednesday, December 21st, at 3 pm CET. The registrations are open at .

“Carrozzeria Bertone” is the oldest Italian design coachbuilder and manufacturer, founded in 1912 by Giovanni Bertone.

After World War II Giuseppe “Nuccio” Bertone took over his father’s coachbuilding and manufacturing business, and from the 1950’ onwards he managed to attract talented designers like Giorgetto Giugiaro, Marcello Gandini and Franco Scaglione.

Nuccio Bertone offered them optimal opportunities to do outstanding work, and together they created a string of automotive classics, universally considered high points of vehicle design.

Bertone is widely recognized for shaping famous sports cars such as the Lamborghini Countach, the Alfa Romeo Montreal, Aston Martin DB2/4 Bertone Spider, and Lamborghini Miura. Beyond designing some of the most iconic vehicles ever produced, Bertone also fashioned a large number of high volume cars with groundbreaking designs for leading car manufacturers.

And, besides doing car styling, Bertone throughout its history also manufactured cars, from the exclusive limited series vehicles produced in the 20s and 30s to later models in the 70s and 80s, up until 2000.

The marque has been lying dormant in recent years. Now it is being revived and reinvented by the passionate new owners Mauro and Jean-Franck Ricci.

Mauro and Jean-Franck Ricci acquired the rights to Bertone in 2020. Based on 38 years of experience in engineering and automotive, having established one of Europe’s most successful engineering consultancies within mobility, Mauro and Jean-Franck Ricci decided to merge the invaluable Bertone design heritage with high performance automotive engineering.

Building on its 110 years legacy, Bertone now starts a new chapter as a ultra high-end manufacturer of limited-edition hypercars, merging Italian elegance with breathtaking performance. The vehicle will be revealed at the online premiere Wednesday, December 21st.

What to expect from the online premiere

The virtual event will reveal the new Bertone hypercar, and offer a closer look at the aesthetic refinements of the exterior and interior, designed as a praise to Italian elegance and to the “ Italian Gentleman”. It will provide technical insights regarding the car’s performance and construction and present its unique fuel solution, utilising sustainable fuel made from plastic waste. A green solution and a first in a high-performance car.